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Use of vitamin C against prostate cancer

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XXXXA1C-Derived Average Glucose


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    Added May 17 2024:
    2015 Apr; Elimination of ascorbic acid after high-dose infusion in prostate cancer patients: a pharmacokinetic evaluation
    • Purpose of this study was to assess the basic kinetic variables in human beings over a relevant AA dosing interval for proper design of future clinical trials.
    • Ten patients with metastatic prostate cancer were treated for 4 weeks with fixed AA doses of 5, 30 and 60 g.
    • The target dose of 60 g AA IV produced a peak plasma AA concentration of 20.3 mM.
    • Elimination half-life was 1.87 hr (mean, S.D. ± 0.40), volume of distribution 0.19 L/kg (S.D. ±0.05) and clearance rate 6.02 L/hr (100 mL/min).
    • No differences in pharmacokinetic parameters were observed between weeks/doses.
    • A relatively fast first-order elimination with half-life of about 2 hr makes it impossible to maintain AA concentrations in the potential cytotoxic range after infusion stop in prostate cancer patients with normal kidney function.
    • Full text of study (free)