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Plato, MO
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A New Adventure!

Just as blackberry vines (and grape vines) like to spread out in every direction, so seems to be my desire to investigate many things. I've decided to replace my interest in growing vines with my desire to do research and pass along what I learn.

Currently my research interest is focused on Ivermectin, a drug that has gone from being labled, in the 1970s, as a "wonder" to being ridiculed, since 2020, and labled as anything but a wonder drug.

I'm building a webpage that includes a dosage calculator, a half-life calculator, and what I consider a very important part, links to studies, papers, articles and general experiences with Ivermectin.

The vines are gone

Multiple issues precipitated the removal of the vines.

  1. Deer pressure (The electric fence could not keep them out.)

    I've discovered that my approach was close, but there is a better way that is explained very well by some homesteaders in Ava, Missouri.

  2. Japanese beetles (Something I discovered while trying to control mosquitos, might help limit beetle damage.)

    See Managing Japanese Beetle Adults & Grubs While Minimizing Impacts on Pollinators

  3. Cane borers (killed almost all the vines)
  4. Spotted wing drosophila
  5. Licensing and taxes